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Jan 30, 2023
Socrates Johnson Truly Addicted User
Real talk about the P10 media deal
Unless one of the following is true, the P10 is likely to stay together and just huddle for warmth until their more desirable components get picked off by the B1G, at which time at least some of the stragglers may well be able to join the B12:

1) The new media rights deal is $3-5m (or more) less than the B12's deal, per team; or
2) The new media rights deal has really really bad exposure and pays something slightly below or equal to the B12's deal, per team.

For better or worse, the B12 is now the benchmark. If the P10 is able to get more $$ for some kind of streaming deal, I think on balance the teams will just take it and hope that the lack of exposure isn't too bad in the end or can be alleviated in some other way. If the P10 can get close enough the B12 deal, I think they stay together and wait to see what happens. The schools that would potentially leave would need significant extra money to make it worth it, since they don't want to be responsible for the demise of the P10, and I don't think they feel a true sense of urgency, since they figure the B12 will be an option for them if, as, and when the B1G comes hunting for their most valuable teams and destroys the conference, at which point nobody has to feel bad about being the bad guy.

Really bad exposure and subpar or even equal money might do it though. UO or UW may not want to accept that. Which is the B12's best chance to get either school IMO.
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