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Mar 9, 2023
byusage All-American
Closing thoughts as a BYU fan finishing play in the WCC
I am grateful the WCC gave us a landing spot for non-basketball sports. It was good to be part of like-minded Christian schools. It was competitive and not surprising it was a slugfest playing St. Marys and Gonzaga. What was surprising was the games BYU dropped to teams not as good as BYU on a regular basis. In that way, BYU basketball was worse in playing consistent, quality basketball compared to how they competed in the MWC.

It's hard to know if the recruiting took a hit going into the WCC, but I don't know how to make sense of WCC teams getting top caliber talent despite the small conference and BYU not being able to bring NBA talent in. The honor code is all I have.

St Marys and Gonzaga are the only schools in the WCC that have a brand. I watched most of the games and I couldn't ever remember anything about the other schools that distinguish them apart from each other.

I know the complaints about officiating may be overstated, but there were some very poorly officiated games in the WCC. Going back to watching Tyler Haws on offense get completely mauled all game long with so many fouls that the officials swallowed their whistle on one end of the floor and then the ticky tack fouls called on BYU on the other end. So many phantom fouls and anticipation whistles. The main complaint is the lack of consistency on both sides and both halves. BYU just wasn't good enough to overcome that crap in many games.

Looking forward, BYU has their work cut out because the program is worse than what it was entering the WCC. Hopefully the Big 12 helps in recruiting. It will be painful for a while, but many of us will still show up.

Anyways, not the best era for BYU basketball, but hopefully things start to get better in the next few years. And I do hope to see BYU continue to play St Marys and Gonzaga in the future. They are good games to watch.
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