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Mar 14, 2023
mjmill All-American
The roster in groups - biggest needs

Group 1. The nucleus, must keep intact:

  • Dallin Hall - showed glimpses as an RM freshman that he as the talent and tenacity to become a special player.
  • Spencer Johnson - 11.1 pts on an incredibly efficient .508 FG% and .461 3PT%.  We will need Spencer as a senior leader next year in a big way.
  • Richie Saunders - has a motor you simply can't teach that will energize his team and pester opponents for the next 3 years. He will also become a very good offensive player, has all the tools to be a prototype shooting guard.
  • Jaxson Robinson - He had a tendency towards feast or famine this past season but his tools are elite, he has the talent to become a pro.  He just needs to develop more consistency.
  • Fousseyni Traore - 12.9 pts, 7.8 rebs on an ultra efficient .607 FG%.  Fouss is a beast in the paint, now we need him to develop some face up game like Yoeli did so he can play some 4.  His .758 FT% tells me he has the hands and soft touch to do it if developed properly.
  • Atiki Ally Atiki - The raw big man improved greatly in his sophomore campaign.  3.6 rebs and 1.1 blocks in just 14 mins are a great sign of the upside he has as a rim protecting glass eater.

Group 2. Jury is still out, but they deserve more time to develop in Provo:

  • Trey Stewart - his shooting is a serious problem (.250 FG%, .118 3PT%) but his athletic ability and defensive talent are rare in the LDS hoops world. He needs to stay and develop more. There is a high ceiling Trey can reach with the right coaching and development.
  • Tanner Toolson  - the former Washington Mr. Basketball winner didn't get to show much this year but we need to keep him around, he has serious upside.

Group 3. Do these guys need to go?

  • Noah Waterman - on paper Waterman has great tools.  6'11... can handle... can shoot... but he looked lost out there an awful lot and he only has 1 year of eligibilty left, so he's not a young player you can say needs more time to develop.  His scholarship would probably be better spent on a true big man to help BYU in the paint.
  • Braeden Moore - I have real doubts about Moore's athleticism at the Big 12 level and his inability at 6'9" to crack the roster on a team that desperately needed help in the frontcourt gives me serious pause.  We're talking about a frontcourt where Treydyn Christensen was getting meaningful minutes at times during the season.

The Needs.  I think we end up with roughly 3 scholarships to fill after attrition this off-season:

  • True Big man!
  • Frontcourt help!
  • Every other need is tertiary.  Sure we could use help with PG depth, more shooting, maybe even another athletic forward who can fill Gideon's role.  But if we don't add at least 1, if not 2, true big men to help in the frontcourt, we are toast in the Big 12.
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