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Mar 17, 2023
LeftOfNormal Truly Addicted User
And it MAY be true (though I doubt it) that they'd lose more money in grants due
to lack of affiliation with Cal, Stanford, and Washington, than they'd gain in a better sports deal,


when considering the conference is AT BEST 3 years away from being completely gutted, and IN those 3 years all reports point to their exposure diminishing even further, due to rando streaming broadcasts, than it already has under the Pac12 Network (which is saying something), their brand will take a huge hit. They'll play in an already-hobbled Pac for a few years, then, when anybody worth being affiliated with has abandoned them, they'll be the class of the nouveau AAC, with no autobids to anything, a new coach that they can't pay as much to because they'll be rolling in G6 money, and have less exposure than ever.
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