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Mar 18, 2023
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Mission friend is suicidal. Not sure what to do. We were in the same MTC group
Ended up in the same district at the start of our missions. He was injured after a few months and ended up going home. Apparently some kind of degenerative nerve disease. He also contracted some kind of African blood disease (no idea how or exactly what it is. He thinks it was from a blood transfusion he got on the mission (Germany) for his nerve issues).

He got married and has two kids, but he can't have a job because he's constantly in pain from his disease(s?).

They live with his parents in Orem and his wife works to support them and makes close to nothing. I visit him when I'm in the area, but it's not often. Government took him off the meds he needs (opiates I think) so he just sits at home in pain all day. He uses medicinal marijuana, but it's not enough and he's just in pain all the time.

His wife told me that he wanted to commit suicide this week but didn't have bullets. Ended up telling his mom to move the guns to his uncle's house.

On the one hand, I feel horrible for thinking this, but I don't know if I could live life in constant pain and don't blame him at all for contemplating suicide. She's had job offers in other countries (she's European) but she can't accept them because he can't leave home. Without him there, it's arguable the family would be better off because she could go get a job somewhere to support herself and the kids and he wouldn't be in pain anymore.

On the other of course I don't want that for him and his family. Suicide is horrible and I'd never wish that.

Divorce or separation and let his parents take care of him?

Impossible situation and it makes me grateful for what I have.
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