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May 26, 2023
TucsonCatMan 3rd String
Big 12 Camaraderie
Here’s a cool story.

By the way, I’m getting such a kick out of watching podcasts across the B12 footprint.

A WV guy has a show called Couz’s Corner. He makes fun of himself which is endearing. His bald head. His Appalachian hillbilly accent, etc. [I’m noticing lots of humble, down-to-earth people].

Today he shared a story and info I had no idea about. Apparently Iowa State does not have a men’s baseball team. West Virginia does not have a women’s softball team. The only 2 schools in the B12 to not carry those particular sports.

Along the line, WV claimed Iowa State’s women’s softball team as their favorite. Lots of Twitter stuff. Last year that softball team was playing in a tournament in the same state as WV’s baseball team. The ISU girls got on a bus…then traveled to support WV’s baseball team. They sang John Denver’s “Country Roads” enroute, exchanging signed jerseys eventually.

The camaraderie is eye-popping to me. There truly is a sense of “conference family” which is why changing leagues can be so stressful to so many involved. It’s like renting a gigantic moving truck then loading up years of memories….and leaving town. Nobody enjoys that. Nobody really wants to do that.

But they do. For a myriad of reasons.

Quick side note: It has been 3 months since Larry Stone of the Seattle Times wrote a piece about the “ominous development of Ohio State cancelling two games vs the Huskies, and how many now fear Washington could bolt the P12.”

OSU had to pay $500K in penalties but will easily make more than that by scheduling an easy home game.

Why the ominous fear? At that time? Washington administrators were furious at Ohio State. It seemed they were being pushed further off the national stage.

Looking back on that now … it makes sense the Huskies are quite motivated to leave the PAC. Not just for increased revenue….but to be able to play big stage games every year. Relevance. East coast eyeballs. Ohio State and Michigan cannot cancel league games 😀….

Texas and Oklahoma leave the B12 yet Yormark secures a media deal that actually pays more than when they had the Longhorns & Sooners.

On the other hand, USC leaves the P12 and the obituary begins to be written. No media deal. Washington and Oregon following the Trojans to brighter lights and greener cash.
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