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May 27, 2023
MojosDojo Starter
This guy gets it
From an Arizona message board. Their fans are awesome and i’d love for them to be in the Big XII.

“I’ve grown tired of the narrative that the Big 12 is well… the “best we can do right now” while others (Utah, TA, et al) view the Big 12 as a “step down” or that “no member of a conference has ever ‘gone to an inferior conference”

Based on effing what?? PAC hasn’t sniffed a playoff since 2016 and Big 12 has owned basketball the last 5 years.

Just more fake elite garbage without substance.

If you want to talk about a media war and lobbing grenades….that’s the media war the Big 12 has been fighting for a while now… and with ESPN/FOX now owning those properties- expect that to change big time.”
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