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Jun 6, 2023
CanuckUte All-American
The had heavy bombardment before and during the invasion. My neighbor in our
ward in Edmonton flew 5 sorties in a Halifax bomber on D-Day. The problem was imprecise bombing and many of the fortifications withstood the bombings.

There was also heavy shelling from navy ships as well. Our family friend Henry who went ashore with the Canadian Scottish Regiment said he was sure that nothing could have survived the shelling as they approached Juno beach. They were surprised as they landed and were under such intense fire.

He told me that as they approached the beach he looked around the boat and found the biggest guy and got right behind him. Then when the doors opened he ran right behind the guy yelling RUN RUN RUN all the way to the sea wall. They rested there before fighting their way into the town. Later that night they found some wine in a cellar and got drunk. He said they felt they earned it.
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