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Jun 9, 2023
Adrielle Board Misanthrope
One year ago I was diagnosed with stage 3C metastatic melanoma. After two major surgeries last fall, nearly 1 year...
Of immunotherapy treatments, two MRIs on my brain, and neck to pelvis CT scans every 3 months (not to mention several priesthood blessings and prayers offered on my behalf), as of this writing there is no detectable cancer in me.

I have two more immunotherapy treatments and then I will enter the surveillance phase of my fight/treatment, where I will continue to get scans every 3 months.

I think I've said in my other posts that 10 years ago I would probably be dead already or close to it. I'm so grateful for the miracle of modern medicine.

I've had my ups and downs both health-wise as well as my emotions, and each time I get scams I get worried that I'll get bad news. This last week I've been fighting off feelings of dread even though I've had no symptoms that would have made me concerned.

My scan results today are still clear. I got the results on the Follow My Health app, But my oncologist also called to tell me the good news.

A year ago when I met for the first time with my oncologist at Utah Valley (he's an amazing doctor) we talked for a minute about BYU football because I think I was wearing some BYU gear. I met with him just after BYU officially was announced to be joining the Big 12. As the appointment was concluding I jokingly said, "If I die right before I I get to watch BYU play in the Big 12, I'm going to be mad. " He laughed.

Today he said, "You are definitely going to see BYU play in the Big 12."

For those of you that have included me in your thoughts and prayersp, thank you. My fight is not over, And I can still use the prayers, but I want y'all to know that I appreciate it and know that those prayers have helped.
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