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Jun 9, 2023
Paysoncoug88 3rd String
Too often people just suck. At Costco
in Spanish Fork today picking up dinner stuff.
All checkout stations, including self checkout, had very long lines.
This man right in front of me, who was obviously much more important than anyone else in the store, moved out of the line to the front and went right to a self checkout station.
He jumped about 12 people with carts who were patiently waiting their turn.
I can’t stand poor behavior like this in people but normally don’t say anything.
Today was different.
I walked up and asked him why he just bypassed everyone waiting in line.
His reply, “Why should I have to wait in line? As I contemplated if I should say what I really wanted to, The nice young man monitoring the checkout stepped in to the rescue.
He had the man stop checking out and step aside to wait his turn.
Meanwhile I received the death stare from this guy while he waited.
I expected him to say something or follow me but he didn’t.
I know I shouldn’t have said anything, but I was really bugged by his boorish, entitled behavior.
If you act like this man, stop it right now!!
Rant over.
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