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Sep 17, 2023
JAGA97 All-American
My report from yesterday. We made plans very late to attend. My wife and I have
had a rough year and felt attending this game would be a needed distraction.

I planned everything on the cheap. Drove to Vegas and caught a 6 am flight to Okla City. Rented a car and booked a room in Van Buren. Bought tickets online in Section 120.

Total cost = $700 for party of 2

The OKC airport was simple and easy to get on the road. The drive had little traffic and is fairly interesting as you come from the flat of Oklahoma and enter the outskirts of the Ozarks. On our way out we made a few stops and met fans from Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and BYU. Didn't see a single Sooner fan which made sense to me when I realized we were travelling during their game with Tulsa.

We had 2 hours at the hotel to take a nap before the game. Drive from Van Buren to Fayettville was similar to driving in West Virginia. Lots of greenery but hard to see much for how thick it is.

We made our way to a parking lot by the baseball field and took a shuttle. From the moment we got out of the car we had great conversation and banter with Razorback fans. On the walk, bus, and ticket line people welcomed us and thanked us for visiting.

We got some food and ate before finding our seats. We were in the BYU section but up high enough that Arkansas fans had us outnumbered. We sat next to 2 women. The older woman was a little disturbed and said "Last time I let me daughter in law ger tickets. I don't like sitting by opposing fans!" I assured her we would be good neighbors. She smurked and said, "I hope you wasted your time and money to come watch the Razorbacks make Warren Jeffs cry!" I thought that was pretty funny but it bothered my wife.

As the game progressed and AR took a 14-0 lead the 2 ladies became pretty annoying. Some of the comments. "Your tithing needs to pay for better players." When the BYU chant started the younger lady chanted "Suck my Richard!" Does Warren do the freshman hazing!

For the sake of my wife and her experience I started into my missionary training. I asked them how they became Razorback fans? What they do for work? And some Razorback trivia?
Found out they were both teachers and teach the same grade as my wife. By halftime my wife made 2 new best friends. Found out the older lady had just had cancer in December. Chemo and double masectomy. Her husband was just diagnosed with leukemia. Found common ground on some similar trials and by the end of the game we had some new friends.

Longest post I've ever made. Point is that even people who seem like jerks can be won over with just a little common ground. We parted with hugs and they are now BYU fans. Ee promised to pray for them to beat LSU. The team they despise the most.

After the game we met another dozen great AR fans and joined them at their tailgate while we waited for parking to clear.

I finally have a following the whisper of the spirit moment to share.

Thanks Arkansaa nation. The trip would have been a blast even if we lost!
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