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Sep 17, 2023
cajuncoug All-American
Hans was excellent again. And actually predictive in his comments
I was never on the “Oh no Hans will be awful” bandwagon. I liked the pick for our color guy. I thought he would be good, but he has exceeded expectations. He really understands and can articulate line play on both sides, which is an addition that just has not been there. He’s very interesting and has actual radio skills having worked in the field for a long time. Add to that an NFL background and a good sense of humor.

Some of the things that he mentioned played out in very short order, right after he talked about them, not the least of which were safety play and needing to get LJ Martin involved. Big plays involving exactly what he was talking about followed in short order.

Anyway, I don’t know that I would listen to his regular show during the week as he’s catering to more of a Ute audience, but he has been pretty terrific at his BYU gig so far.
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