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Sep 18, 2023
MichCoug All-American
HCBW Kidney Transplant
My wife has had a strange, degrading kidney condition for several years. Because of strict exercise and diet, she has hovered above being on dialysis but has been on the “transplant list” for 2.5 years. (It's not an easy process and has brought her life to somewhat of a standstill. She’s had modest side effects.)

Despite fervent prayers, planning, and working with fine medical professionals, not much was happening and her life has been in limbo. I was at the start of a five-week trip to multiple countries (Cyprus, Moldova, Stans, Caucasus) when she was called late Thursday afternoon and told that there was a “perfect match.” This was TOTALLY unexpected!

HCBW drove four hours to the IH Transplant Center and within hours the transplant was successfully performed. I was notified (text) by my wife at 4:00 a.m. as she was driving to Murray, Utah.

From Chisinau, Moldova, I made it back after two days. The transplant was successful❗However, there is a long haul and side issues, including lifetime anti-rejection medications, diet issues, etc.

We are grateful for ALL blessings‼️
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