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Sep 18, 2023
jvr7 Playmaker
I am glad someone brought up the Chase Roberts catch, there are few other plays that have driven me crazy over the years
1) Clay Brown versus SMU, 1980 Holiday Bowl. His footwork was abysmal. If he has better footwork he can jump a lot higher and make the catch better. He caught it, I won't take that away from him, but there was a better way.
2) Kyle Morrell versus Hawaii, 1984. Kyle nearly overshoots the Quarterback and over-rotates some. I mean overall pretty good play, but could've been better, he didn't actually tackle the QB, just kind of held him up a little.
3) Curtis Brown versus Tulsa, 2006. He catches a 7 yard pass, and takes it 58 yards to the end-zone. He broke 6 tackles along the way, but came dangerously close to the sideline. If he stays more in the middle of the field and it's more certain that he doesn't go out of bounds.
4) Max Hall to Austin Collie versus Utah, 2007. Austin ran a little too fast down the sideline, he runs a little slower, he doesn't have to slow up so much to catch Max's pass and he has more speed up the sideline and gets a little farther up field. I am glad he caught it, just could've done a better job.

There are a lot more that have been driving me nuts, but those are some of the biggest.
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