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Sep 18, 2023
BYUMizzou Truly Addicted User
Here is the pre-snap lineup on the illegal touching penalty, plus a bonus screen
shot of the very next play, which also would have been a penalty.

Here's the pre-snap lineup on the 30 yard pass to Rex that was callled back. Rex is circled in red. Chase Roberts is the outside receiver and is circled in blue. Roberts is clearly looking down the line of scrimmage and needs to see Rex lined up. Basically he made 2 pre-snap mistakes here. First he didn't know where he was supposed to line up in this formation (basically not knowing the play book well enough) Second, he failed to recognize Rex on the LOS when he looked down the line (basically a mental game-time error).

After we got called for the penalty, we almost got a delay of game penalty, and we called a timeout. We came back with the next play were Slovis got sacked. This is the pre-snap lineup for the sack. Notice Keanu Hill is the outside receiver circled in in blue. He's also covering the inside receiver (Epps?) who is circled in red. If the sack didn't happen and Slovis threw the ball to the inside receiver, it would be back to back illegal touching penalties.

Bottom line, it's a bigger problem than 3 plays in 3 weeks. It's happening much more frequently.
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