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Sep 20, 2023
DJROSS All-American
Four key matchups with ranked unbeatens this weekend. Who is going down and who keeps riding that wave? My picks are
Alabama vs Ole Miss. Yes Ole Miss is unbeaten and ranked. Alabama is not. Home game for the Rebels. Dart is looking sharp while Alabama doesn't seem to have a QB. Ole Miss defense is aggressive. Taking Ole Miss at home. If Alabama loses, it might be the sign that Saban has packed it in and is done with coaching.

Ohio State vs Notre Dame. This is a tough one. Ohio State defense has the tools to slow down the Irish, but Hartman has so much experience. Very few college QBs would have 50 starts under their belt. The question is just how comfortable is Hartman playing the college game? I want to pick Notre Dame due to how easy they have made the game look in their first four games, plus with a game in hand this is at South Bend, however I am thinking that in spite of how easy it looks, Buckeyes imo will still win this one. McCord will dink and dunk and their running game is strong enough to create a few open looks down field.

Colorado vs Oregon. This is where the Coach Prime show hits the viewership wall. Sure Colorado is proving they can score and score quickly, however their defense is imo suspect and against Nebraska you can easily get away with that when you are able to score quickly, however watching the back and forth with TCU and then again with CSU, I am not sure this is a boat race they will be able to win. Buffalo QB has been sacked 16 times in 3 games. Oregon Defense will be a stronger challenge than any team they have played thus far. Also they have only rushed 183 yards on 92 attempts ave 2.0 per carry. This isn't going to get it done. Nix on the other hand is putting up numbers similar to Shedeur while still handing off left and right for 688 yards of rushing offense. Buffalos allowed TCU and Nebraska well over 200 yards rushing each. CSU still was able to rush over 100. Oregon is going to dare Shedeur to pass and exploit the weak Dline and LB corp. Ducks take this one in Autzen


UCLA vs Utah. This one is going to be tough. Will Rising play or won't he. My guess is if Kyle can get him cleared he will, but he might be ready to practice, but not be ready to handle real game contact. Regardless this game imo will be similarly ugly like the Baylor game. Utah is really adept at finding ways to win in these types of games. I am not sure Bruin phenom Dante Moore is ready for a gritty dirt bath at the a hands of the dirty dozen (utah fan's as the 12th man if you are wondering). SDSU gave him some experience, but that the Aztecs are more like Utah light. As much as I want UCLA to win this one, I am thinking that Rising or no Rising, the Ute's are going to find a way to win this one.

What are your picks on these match ups?
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