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Sep 22, 2023
Refugee All-American
Late thoughts on Slovis
I wasn’t able to watch the game on Saturday, so all of my assumptions were based on highlights and CB.

Was able to then watch the game in full last night. For those still feeling that Slovis is inaccurate on a significant portion of his passes, I would make a few points:

He was inaccurate on a few. A few. However, many of the passes that were incomplete he had to:

1. Throw into tight coverage due to receivers not getting separation.
2. Throw in places where, if the receiver couldn’t get to it, no one else could either. These often looked like overthrows, but several had the possibility of being caught if the receiver makes a more athletic play (some of our receivers just can’t).
3. Throw to a spot where the receiver was supposed to be but wasn’t. This is the most important to me, because this creates confusion and lack of confidence between a quarterback and receivers.

I believe we’re seeing constant improvement, and when the receivers more consistently run their routes and get some separation, Slovis could very well look like a star.

This all completely ignores the woes with the running game that are making the passing game that much worse…

Anyway, just my impressions from a late watch of the Arkansas game that I saw in a different way due to the bias I had having heard so much about it before watching last night.
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