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Sep 23, 2023
Sam's Dad 3rd String
Question...I've been a BYU fan my entire life. I also did grad school at UU, an
did training at Alabama. My 3 oldest boys were raised for 4 yrs in Bama and my 4th was born there. My 3rd oldest son is nicknamed bubba. BamaCoug and I actually drove to Miss St game as interns to watch BYU get first rd win vs SEC team and I nearly got beat up by cowbell ringing drunk MSU fans in Starkville.

I never cheer for Utah nor do my's not in our family DNA. None of my kids or wife(she does come 1x a month to team teach w/me) are active except my 2 youngest but we all cheer for BYU and we go to almost every home game.

Now my 4 oldest kids cheer for Bama or Auburn (2 and 2) after BYU and I think they deserve to as they lived there and followed them there and since. I do not see this and bandwagoning but...

...if I cheer for Bama am I a bandwagoner? I watch them whenever I can and follow them but really have a dislike for SEC because they are so arrogant (but have probably earned that arrogance.) I followed them even during the horrible Shula and Mike Price years as that's when I lived in Alabama.

I always cheer for BYU first and always but think Saban is hilarious in his disdain for stupid fans and people in the media.

Am I a bandwagoner?
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