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Oct 1, 2023
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I was up in the mountains on Friday night and missed the game. I left work just
a little early and made it up on the mountain to hunt by around 7:30, then set up camp. Saying reception is spotty where I was is being generous, but I knew of one isolated point about half a mile from camp where I could probably get something.

I hoofed it out there in the dark, stood up on a high rock, and got one bar. I got the radio feed about 5 minutes into the first, and probably looked dumb out there in the dark in the middle of nowhere holding my phone up high for reception. Nonetheless, I listened long enough to hear Robinsons pick-six and decided that was a good note to leave on. I had to be up at 4:30....

My hunting buddy and I spent the early morning watching this guy bugle, rake trees, chase off smaller bulls, and herd his cows around. Then some yewts in a SxS came through and spooked the whole herd up over the mountain and onto private land.


By around 10:15 or so after we'd moved to another spot on the mountain I happened to have reception, and what's this? BYU won!!!! GO COUGS!!!
Oh, and the yewts lost too?? Perfect weekend baby!!

We killed no elk yesterday (last day of archery), but saw 10 bulls. I left the mountain after dark and got home at 1. I was beat, so I showered and crawled in bed instead of watching highlights. My buddy text me this morning that he'd killed this bull, one hour into the rifle hunt.


I watched the snap to tackle highlights this morning. Great game, Cincy looked better than I thought they would. That TD throw to Roberts while Slovis was under pressure was a thing of beauty. That said, we should have won 42-20.

Now to enjoy conference....
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