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Nov 20, 2023
macdizzle Truly Addicted User
Reminder that the 'good old days' were probably not as good as today...
Violent crime in the 70s and early 80s was TWICE what it is today. The murder rate was nearly double what it is today. Even in the idyllic 1950s at the height of the American dream, the violent crime rate was almost identical to what it is now.

Domestic violence and sexual assault--including child molestation--were far more common in the 50s - 80s than it is now. But it's impossible to know for sure because it was SO COMMON that it was considered a family matter and police wouldn't address it. It was so common some makeup was marketed to housewives that could cover their bruises. This mythical 'traditional family' that we lament the decline of, was more often than now, a tense and violent place in the 50s and 60s.

Literacy is better, mortality rates are better (largely due to vaccinations btw), quality of life is better. Fewer people smoke (by a lot), fewer people drink to excess (by quite a bit). More people have more money and nicer stuff. Even extramarital affairs are slightly LESS common today than in the 1950s, and by some surveys FAR LESS common now than in the 60s or 80s.

Don't get bogged down in the 'world is broken' nonsense or the 'world is in chaos' nonsense. This is quite literally the best time EVER to live on the Earth.

Prior to about 1890 or so, unless you were really wealthy or of noble background, your quality of life was legitimately terrible. The average person worked all day every day with no weekends or breaks, lived in a single room home of some sort with 6-8 other people, and wondered where your next meal was coming from.

I can't stand it when I hear the 'today's world is going to hell' talk or the 'the world is getting darker and darker'. It's just maddening. This is the best time ever, literally ever, to be alive. President Hinckley gave a great talk where he admonished us to ignore the 'prophets of doom' that say the world is going down the tubes.

It isn't.
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