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Nov 21, 2023
KayakCoug Contributor
LDS KJV Bible in multiple scenes of the new Jack Ryan series. Curious as to why?
Two main characters, one kind of good and one bad, have bibles on their desk that the camera sometimes pans across. They very clearly say Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on them.

They aren't the cheap ones, their the nice sets you typically see with embossed personal names on them.

I've got a few theories.

1. Someone (writer, producer, etc) is trying to cast shade on Christians in general by showing that these people (both killers) prominently have the bible on their work desks next to their family if to allude that they read the Bible and are also scary killer type people.

2. Same as above, but the person had an extra axe to grind and purposely put LDS scriptures on the desk to make a further point.

3. Total coincidence; the person in charge of decorating the set just googled Bible and ended up buying LDS scriptures.

For what it's worth, the show is about CIA corruption and there are a lot of LDS CIA in real life so I would lean towards it being an intentional jab. Curious what others think?
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