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Feb 19, 2012
you who hate bronco or want him replaced are ignorant
i find it absolutely mind-boggling that some of you are complaining about bronco. what on earth do you guys want???

1. you guys complain that he emphasizes the development of the young men and the mission of the school too much. you complain that football is #5 on the importance list. who are you comparing him to and what do you want? do you want lavell back? do you not remember that lavell's main focus was to develop boys into manhood. he focused on the character of the players. do you not remember that his players, including chad lewis, stated in many interviews that lavell hardly even spoke of football? that all his meetings with his players were about their development in life?

i thank heaven for bronco. we have a coach that not only cares about the development of these young men and the mission of the school, but he's an amazing football coach. since he has been here, our defense has become our strength. that has never happened. he recruits strong young men and he plays the best players. i remember when ian dulan was named starter, i was shocked. just not common at byu for a true freshman to come in and start. there have been many cases since where true freshman have started or walk ons. it doesn't matter how many stars you have coming in, bronco plays the best players, scholarship or not. bronco gives us what was great about lavell, plus he's a fantastic coach. players love to play for him and they love him as their coach. how wonderful is that?

2. you guys criticize anything bronco says

first you hated his broncoisms and his comparisons to anything gospel-related. "just be a coach!" you guys would whine. then when he starts to speak his mind like a real football coach (ie. criticizing whiny fans or praising tanner mangum for not being "entitled"), you guys get offended. what do you guys want??? do you want a "real football coach" like urban meyer who spews all sorts of crap from his mouth without thought. football is #1 on his priority list. perhaps that's why he's one bad season away from another stroke. so many of the top coaches are very blunt and sometimes throw big fits. what bronco says is NOTHING compared to these coaches that are making millions. do you want classless "mr. accountable" up north to be our coach? so many of you seem to be in love with him.

i'm glad bronco speaks his mind and i hope he continues to do so. bronco could never get away with what other coaches, especially with you guys whining over the littlest things he says.

3. you guys complain that practices are too short and that we are ill-prepared.

if you served a mission or are in the work force, you know that working smarter and not harder is the way to go. you can tract and knock doors for days and hours and you know that is nowhere near as effective as visiting member families and working with them on a neighbor or friend. bronco's practices are efficient and effective. long practices allow for player burn-out, loss of mental and focus greater chance of injury. i prefer bronco's way. it also gives everyone more time for school work and family time. the 49er during their peak of success (late 80s, early 90s), were spotlighted for having peculiar practices. they only hit in pads twice a week and the other days were spent going over position mastery, game planning, studying opponents and perfecting technique. at first they were criticized, but then were thought to be geniuses. bronco's shorter practices also allow for more time for school work and other important things. this allows for fewer academic casualties on the team. bronco's practices are just smarter and better.

one of my cousins who played for bronco in 2003 (when bronco was just the DC) told me, "the defensive practices are intense and no time is wasted. in the hotel before games, we are studying and preparing mentally. the offensive practices are laid back and the offensive players are lounging around in their hotel rooms before games." bronco doesn't waste time. long practices don't automatically equate to effective practices.

you guys have no clue what things were like before he came in, and trust me that you don't want to find out. you have no clue what we have in bronco.

since bronco has come in:

1. our defense has become a force to be reckoned with (with very mediocre talent, btw)
2. honor code violations have been greatly cleaned up
3. the visibility and reputation of the school and the team have been improved
4. player devotion and commitment to the program have been the best since I have become a fan
5. we have won games more considtently than any other time in our history
6. we have gone to 7 straight bowl games
7. 5-2 record in bowl games

to lose bronco would be devastating to our school and team. i can't think of anyone who could replace him. let's not chase him away as it seems we are already doing. we need to be more vocal in our support of him. more signs, more thanks, more positive posts.




"My best quality is my humility. I don't think you'll find anyone more humble than me." - Buffchazen

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