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Feb 22, 2012
Never said I hated Bronco.
But Bronco is not Lavell either. Bronco has the potential to be a very great football coach. I think a lot of that potential is currently being wasted on pettiness though. He needs to get back to his football roots and focus more on football instead of all the other curricular stuff he has brought into the program. I believe much of it is destructive to the program the way he does it or at least it holds the program back from really being great. I think he has wasted a lot of his potential by being arrogant and petty.

Bronco is a great mid-major coach and his record has shown that. To get to the next level though he needs to actually create team unity instead of divisiveness by treating his star athletes as equals to the other players. You don't treat star athletes different. He has gone the other direction. Instead of favoring them he has shown that he loathes them. He has gone the other direction. He needs to hold his Rudy's just as accountable as the star athlete which isn't happening. The other thing he needs to do is actually practice and game plan properly instead of doing as little as possible by avoiding contact in practice, skipping practices and cutting them short.

Bronco can win 10 games with the schedule we had last year every year but any coach at BYU should be able to do that. We beat only one team with a winning record. That is 9 wins against teams that did not end up with winning records and 1 win versus a team that was barely over .500.
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