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Post of the Day Today, September 17th
Nominated Posts Author
Friday night as I sat, broken hearted, by my wife’s side in her ICU room, I 71 DrTDR
Welcome to the BIG12 43 BaylorBear
Here's what Utah football fans don't get about the significance of this week... 28 BobLoblaw
Good Luck On Saturday - From Houston 16 JDHouston
If you watch one video today this should be it...Samson Nacua extended interview 16 jvr7
RE: Daughter in law diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma. She is 21. 11 jwf
Church was so good on Sunday 10 Jericho
Samson posted this quote on his Instagram story 7 Rat
Here we go. Took me a while, but was worth the internet search. 5 Little Mac
Empey had some nice blocks, but this one on Devin Lloyd speaks volumes 4 CosimosPrime
I'm thinking about going to the utah SDSU game tomorrow and wear BYU gear. 3 Ragnar Danneskjold
There is a distinct difference 3 Marc Spector
Huge write up on The Athletic about Mark Pope and BYU leaving the WCC: 2 byujacob
Picking JSwagg up, feeding him good 2 runitup590
Pancakes again tomorrow am for the ROC, and I have lots of people helping. Let's hope the students show up 🙂 2 jdub
What is the point of predicting BYU losses? I don't get it. Someone explain it 2 Acorn
Yes, he lost. Go Cougs!!! 2 BYUtka
That's a lot easier to say after missing last year's game as well, which you... 2 Sock Gnome
Honestly, I know we're all excited about beating Utah, but the Big 12 news is MUCH MUCH bigger 2 krindorr
Move 2 TwinsRight
I’d rather their program rot and wallow in misery and irrelevance. 2 Kavorka
We should have some sort of plan where choice is removed and none will be lost. 2 panacablue
Ed Lamb explains the shift in defensive aggression 1 Indy Coug
Something annoyed me at the game last Saturday 1 Dan
My take: Arizona St is overrated… 1 Samurai Jack
About ASU... 1 crack
RE: Haven’t been online all day, did something else happen with Todd? Who can 1 Blue Ridge
Bill Belichek breaks down Zach Wilson's game against Carolina...with enthusiasm 1 jrifkin48
yeah but the anti-BYU recruiting pitch now is gonna be the Big12 1 Sale
A few random Quotes I like: 1 Undefeated
This reminds me of my favorite penalty call ever in college football 1 TADOW
My predictions and my hope for BYU's gameplan IF we're going to win. 1 macdizzle
Friday Sept. 17th and the UTES SUCK!!! 1 The Lone Star Cougar
Draper Utes are in prison 1 BYULAWGUY
RE: lol 1 panacablue
Only the literal version can purge it 1 Veracruz
It’s basically already a certainty that we are winning the natty this year. That is my full expectation every year until 1 Trent
Top 10 benefits to Big12 move: 1 canofpicante
3rd game is critical. We must win this if we want a special season. A win gets 1 BYUtka
Iowa State strictly because they are part responsible for this video. 1 crack
Don’t go to your meetings. 1 allaboutthegainz
RE: Theory: The Almighty unleashed COVID on the world to save BYU football 1 Still Open
The out of state game 1 Icelandic Cougar
Love me some Burger Supreme. Owner is huge BYU guy. 1 Ycrazy
Gary. I'd rather talk football than be arrested for murder. 1 Y-Zag
unless there's limited oxygen supply in the small room. 1 Cougarclaw
I am shocked 1 Upline
Just crown UVA national champs right now. 1 paulb
On Sunday, stay home if you have any COVID symptoms, like if you are tired 🙂 1 Bee Chunder
Scratch that. 1 Dark Forest Green