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Post of the Day Today, December 14th
Nominated Posts Author
I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while and I wish I could post it in a 69 gwalker
And it's impossible to have a fiscally irresponsible tax cut. Spending defines 7 Skeptical Optimist
Funny how people who still boo hoo over the tax cuts still claim as many 3 byubyu
This is worth a read. You will LOL (language) 3 macdizzle
PFF graded Empey as the #7 center in the country this season 2 Coop
What does the Provo temple have to do with the famous disappearing bridge 2 BYUMizzou
2019 RM class 1 donnerstag
There's a very good book written by BYU's tennis coach 1 donnerstag
Are you kidding me? I just played it, it's aged QUITE well. The entire song is about attempting to 1 Bert609
Article on Robbins favoring BYU 1 crm48
The more superhero movies they make, the more repetitive they get 1 Gustav
POLL: What is the worst thing about the NBA? 1 Huge Manatee
So, under the new Church rules, would Squally have lost ANOTHER year of 1 boogers
And BYU does this with a recruiting pool of Utah, a little bit of California and 1 bluedad
I find it interesting that people draw long term conclusions from short term data. It is not honest or accurate. 1 Baron
There’s “no demand” for jokes on Cougarboard 1 Tsisquan
Hand to the small of the back 1 Texas Hammer
Man. I can't disagree more. I have loved RDJ as Iron Man. 1 RSL
I don’t know if the TRIA laser would be good for your wife... 1 Alister Mackenzie
Spending too much 1 Skeptical Optimist
SGC 1 Coug
I think we're far enough inland that the Kraken won't get us. 1 yahtzee
I’d be inclined to give her seat the 30,000 ft investment banker special 1 Sandstone Cougar
I think it's the Idaho potato that's famous - not the bowl. 1 CopperLix
Trick question. Don't get a mac. 1 LaVellIfIKnow
A ring 1 billyrust