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Post of the Day Today, July 24th
Nominated Posts Author
This prediction post from over 6 years ago is pretty impressive. 13 Corn
College football needs a commissioner and a centralized governing body. 5 Future_Tacos
Well whatever happens expect BYU to get hosed 5 TNT
CFB Reddit gets it 4 -C9-
Hey Utes, does the SEC hiding their expansion from Texas A&M make you nervous? 4 SJS
To be fair, LeBron has a lot more acting 3 BlackHawkCoug
Pete Thamels article is interesting. He doesn’t seem to think the Big12 will be 2 ColonelMustard
I used to like A&M and then moved to Texas and met their fans 2 reddead
I have not seen his article, but he's 100% right and I've been posting the... 2 LEDSFW
BamaCoug needs to dust off the old power point presentations, spread sheets, and 2 Cougarbib
I actually don't think I'd watch that. 24 college teams forming their own league.... I think it would turn me off and 2 HarlemCoug
How's Jeffacka's mom doing? 2 IceCreamButt
If it hasn’t been said here. The big 12 can’t approach teams 1 newbie
OK, totally this re-alignment the right time to RESTART BYU-I sports? 1 Xenon
If BYU is left out of this P5/4 realignment 1 TeeKaa
Because I don’t believe we should think in terms of absolutes and I don’t think absolutely zero spread should be the 1 Slim
When is she starting the trip? 1 lasvegasute
So non vaccinated people are idiots now? Another division in the works? 1 jpal1397
Don't worry, the taxes will still feel like California 1 Northwest Cougar
BYU is a strong expansion candidate, but we overrate our chances 1 krindorr
Bamacoug!!!!!! 1 SFarkus
1982 Datsun 200sx, 2016 Shelby Mustang GT350. 1 Superkid