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Post of the Day Today, February 8th
Nominated Posts Author
All this GOAT talk. Here's a thought I posted a few years back. If either/both of these guys use their stature/status 9 CoogsWin
I prefer this one: 8 hxmCougar2000
Presenting the 2022 P5 sub-30,000 attendance club: 7 BYUlv
PAC12 sees SMU lose to BYU and say, "you know what, they seem like they fit in 7 viper
Enes Kanter with the congratulatory tweet for Lebron: 5 byubyu
Never forget - 12 years ago today, MGJ. I was there. 3 dYrtbYkerYder
RE: 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 3 HandwovenBox
Man, I just can't decide who I think is the GOAT... 3 cougfanblue
Brilliant move by Brett Yormark to jump the line and get the BIG12 deal inked 2 CougarTailDevourer
Props to Andy. 2 RexIdaCoug
IOW people judge based on nonbasketball attributes and forget the punk that Jordan was 2 Baron
Pretty touching words from Kareem on LeBron breaking his record. 2 scootsy
It’s worse than that. They treated byu like a voluptuous mistress for a decade 2 Cougarclaw
With salt right? 2 cougaman
Now that SMU and SDSU are probably off the table, it may be the best choice 2 Belboz
Stewart Mandel article: 1 rainorsnow
Regarding the PAC-12 and USC/UCLA, I found these two slides from the sicem/Big 12 expansion analysis interesting... 1 Conan
My brother went to an SMU game this year 1 jxncoog
Do it. Do it now. 1 DieHarder
And here's an image I took of her Facebook before it got changed to Private. 1 Narfin'Coug
Top CA hs recruits are going to sign with SDSU because they don't want to travel distances to play Michigan and OSU. 1 kccougar
Breaking: Pac 12 renaming to Big West to follow the Big East model 1 1984coug
Works for me. It preserves the PAC and gives the Utes a slow death. 1 ChandlerAZCoug
Some of the funniest ever 1 Marc Spector
And his per game scoring average is closer to Karl Malone's than it is MJ's. 1 Crazy Joe Davola
The missing part of that tweet 1 DJROSS
So that last slide was all I needed to see why USC was going to leave with 1 Nat Gas Man
I wouldn’t mind offering UW and UO a special deal that acts as basically a bridge to the end of the ACC deal. 1 cbluil
Here we go... 1 BGRTHNUMEGO
RE: It’s just a fact. 1 Gustav
This is something I don’t care about. 1 mobomanjoe
One thing I am reminded of through all of the Pac12 expansion... sorry implosion 1 Cougar TD
Here's video of that one. I would choose this one personally. I think it's nasty 1 My Fingers Hurt
My scan results were misread by the radiologist. He posted on the patient portal where he misread 1 Adrielle
*biased 1 eysikal
How can you trust a Ute without a 🌹 in their name? 1 El Jefe
Major congrats to BYU basketball legend Jonathan Tavernari on passing his American citizenship test 👏🏻👏🏻 🇧🇷🇺🇸🏀 1 @DUsportsdesk
They're 3.5 games out of 6th pick. I 100% think they should make a trade that'll get them a future pick, make them worse 1 RdF3
I find it funny that most who come to Lebron’s defense are the board leftists. 1 Idacoug
I agree, except the blue turf argument. That atrocity should keep you out of any 1 DB Cooper