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Post of the Day Today, September 30th
Nominated Posts Author
Fantastic Take 34 Charles Darwin
So is Louis Riddick an uneducated fan who doesn't know what he's talking about? 18 Corn Pop
Sheesh, you guys need to learn to enjoy a great, potentially special season 9 BYUCLA
Winning ugly is better than losing pretty. Listening to Sitake, there are lots 8 idcougarfan
A Tale of Two Halves - a quick analysis of the USU game 8 Hotlanta
Updated Kalani era offense vs defense 7 Cougzilla
Just got home from the game. 6 Oregano
I was on the fence about playing USU ever again before. Now: 100% never again 6 moknowssports
Mandy Patinkin on the 35th Anniversary of Princess Bride (language warning): 5 Abe Froman
Awesome video by the Cubs (It's not a baseball post) 4 Ted Lasso
In case there's something I could share that might help dp92, or someone else... 4 CougarGeorge
I just don’t get the “we’re winning so it doesn’t matter” comment. 4 Ned Schneebly
In the end the offense graded out about a #19 in points scored per drive, D 3 kotacoug
Ugh these full page ads have got to go. Cruel and unusual punishment! 3 PKCoug
6 seasons and a movie! 3 yorksama
24 is an arbitrary threshold. Defense can limit points simply by playing 3 royal_blue
Did Blake Anderson really think Aggies were going to win the game? His antics on 2 BlooCoog
Most embarrassing play of the game: Hanneman not being able to tack the QB on 2 Dangerous
Kalani talking to his coaches last night 2 Niiineteeen84
Pet peeve from losing players: "They were more fired up than us." 2 The Y's Insider
After the Miles Davis breakout game last week, not establishing the run in the 2 Hawk Talons
Someone opened an oat bag and she was trying to figure out how to get to it. 2 Flyski
I love how a man, paid millions, lectures others on the true meaning of the game 2 MarylandFan
*Braves chop* 2 DKN
You have to keep this gif on standby at all times for Cougarboard, and twitter. 2 crimedog
Forgot to tag @espn so their social media AI could find this post 2 TCuz
450 yards and 6 TDs (1 rushing) 2 DieHarder
Let this sink in: 1 Hawk Talons
“You guys don’t understand football!” 1 fredetteaboutit13
Simple fix for Oldroyd before every kick: 1 Baron
BYU opponents' YPP against BYU, and against everyone else... 1 shoganai
Does it change your opinion of the onside kick if you found out that Kalani 1 byubyu
We are not close to being a Top 40 team. 1 Cswilliam01
Joel Klatt has some insight on why it is tough to win every week. 1 Captain Rex
Some fans on this board are way too sheltered and naive about the real world. 1 TailgateU
Is anyone able to run over to the Student Athletics Building sometime this week 1 TheMediator
another 1 Hotlanta
Simple, mostly positive, game observations: 1 CougaRR4L
Next time someone needs to bring a sign that says 1 SnickSnack
Darrell Funk. Noticable downgrade in the O-Line from Grimes, Pugh, Mateos. 1 peartree
BYU D plays a lot of 3 vs. 5 and 9 vs. 11 1 Beggar
I don't mind people driving EVs at all (other than I can't hear them coming) 1 Mitty
"these guys aren't getting paid to play here" 1 deja-blu
Were you watching the same game as me? They absolutely had a chance. 1 Ned Schneebly
Amazing how angry CB is after a comfortable win over a team that considers us their rival. 1 John Doe
Dear ESPN: please stop trying to show me baseball. I do not care about the home run record. TIA 1 Magathis
Weber State held USU scoreless. Say it outloud. Weber doesnt have better talent 1 CarolinaCoug
That's not what good teams do. That's what scared teams do. 1 Corn Pop
I hate that dealerships are required by law. 1 Powerbait DPM
Your main point is wrong, but you come close to making another interesting point 1 All-American