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Post of the Day Today, August 22nd
Nominated Posts Author
RE: Prove it 14 foofcoug
You obviously just have a problem with people in general 10 Medute
You can repent later, debauchery now. 4 Diablo and Doc
This thread is embarrassing. Dudes, take the high road and quit casting stones 4 cob
Nothing to see here. Just Taysom whooping everyone in a long ball contest... 3 Mister P
ONE WEEK!! #BYUFOOTBALL #GoCougs 3 @BYUfootball
What to expect next week 2 cougarmanguy
As much as we want to win and we hate losing to Utah, may I suggest everybody 2 gwalker
Medute, I think there is some truth to what you say, however 2 Jizosh
Talking abut fanbase is really stupid 2 jamalccc
Could be tough to find the right fit 2 Odysseus
Team Celtics v Team St Mary’s 2 Kevin Arnold
RE: I can't be the only CB'er who has problems with his facial hair. Stand as a 2 sgriff
Is your name intended to be a diarrhea reference? 2 cougarnerd
RE: Not a stereotype: Here’s a true story... 1 LiquidUte
Not a stereotype: Here’s a true story... 1 Dr MoBYU
Imagine being a Ute in Utah and thinking you are outside the bubble 1 darkcoug
RE: Parrot 1 Ragnar Danneskjold
Question posed to ZW: "Are you guys sick of hearing about the streak?" 1 mulletino
A self-righteous Utah fan, one most easily identified by their posts that start out something like... 1 kccougar
These Thursday or 8:15 pm, or ticket prices, excuses are tiring and pathetic. 1 TeeKaa
Classless smack already? The game hasn't even started. Don't peak too early!! 1 bja13
I think this is more a case of fans projecting their feelings onto the team rather than how the team 1 Indy Coug
Ironically, I don't think many people in this thread see the spelling error. 1 ryebrye
Rooting Guide Week 1 1 Blue Cat
There are many specific events but the reality is it has 1 Goatnapper'96
Just a reminder that Utah spent like $50,000 and had a ring ceremony after a 5 loss, unranked season. GO COUGS! 1 mulletino
What he's saying is that today you find BYU fans' bahavior unacceptable, yet... 1 BleedCougarBlue2
8 years as an independent 1 BigUte
If by "true" you mean incredibly overwrought and exaggerated... 1 CoachSpeak
Remember "S.M.A.R.T." goals. Not sure this works with the "A". 1 cougfanblue
That is the state from which Taysom grew in stature/strength/wisdom. Ignored! 1 TNT