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Post of the Day Today, June 25th
Nominated Posts Author
The Definition of Insanity 12 Brutus216
If we accept an invite to the AAC, we are closing the door on us ever becoming a 10 kudzucoug
The only way I'd be enthusiastic for BYU to join a G5 conference 6 CaliWG
So BYU has had an open invitation to join the AAC for years. Now that UCONN 3 bluebrotha
Bam Bams. Hold the father in law. 3 The Board Imbecile
Great line about the Yewt mascot 2 puntersarepeople
Fine. I'll weigh in on Indy vs. AAC. 2 Ham
Looking at AAC 2 BlueLine
The most exposure will come from...13-0 / 12-1 / 11-2 2 BYURider
Stadium idea to help spruce up LES. 2 Zach Morris
Oft-repeated quote, but it's still meaningful to me. 2 Division Bell
the $$$ isn't helping improve the football team- hasn't finished ranked in AP as 2 franklyvulgar
All AAC dreamers unite. 2 LaVellIfIKnow
The fact that Whataburger is even in the list discredits the poll. 2 kotacoug
Donovan in a new spiderman ad 2 itsame
1988 Utah 2 BigUte
How many Memphis games were on national TV last year? 1 BYU Fan
Does the money matter? 1 Hutch65
RE: BYU is leveraging AAC offer to make Big XII finally pull the trigger. 1 DKN
Lakers getting a championship guard 1 monkeycowboy
I've determined how I want to eventually go out. 1 RSL
It's funny that the only people wanting BYU to join a G5 conference are not BYU 1 nephicoug
Proud of my Mom, she punked some sicko SLC flasher, handled like a boss 1 MatthiasG
Good point. Speaking of quotes, my favorite quote is from Jesus. "I never said 1 cucciolo25
RE: Don't care that we stole it from someone else... 1 Medute
Sitake needs to have a winning record at home this year for me to 1 Dangerous
No, the NCAA changed their record books to recognize these other polls that award championships... 1 Tokolosh
I think Bronco ticked off the Yes men in the program, Holmoe and the BOT... 1 Coug
Umm no 1 BYU Grounds
RE: How I feel every time conference realignment rumors come up on the board: 1 Fin
Solid Spida-man: Far from Home promo 1 Faceman
BYU fans also are the only ones thinking Indy is close to P5. 1 Mr. Scoobs
yep, we are now in the dog days of summer. They should go to like 2 shows a week 1 Mayor of Cougartown
RE: All those facts and logic just go over the head of INDY lovers. They only 1 Oranje
Dodgers win #55. On pace for 110 wins. 1 jdub
If it was good enough for Mary to ride . . . 1 AZcougLawyer
Why do posts like this talk like what they’re saying is a fact? How bout 1 Gerald-DeGroot
EA NCAA Football. RIP 1 CouchPotato
What is Beto doing in TX then? Send him packing... 🙂 1 Heinz57
Nobody cares because they do this every year but never win rings 1 SlantRoute
Name checks out 1 TADOW