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Post of the Day Today, September 21st
Nominated Posts Author
Probably already posted, but I don't care. 10 yorksama
Nice job Riboflavin on the tweet response.... 6 Don_Juan_El_Guapo
BYU rushing the field 4 Twin Roots
Dylan Collie with the mic drop. 3 Hawk Talons
Well, you've got to hand it to Tuiaki 3 inertiaman
Actually, it appears that Utah’s scheme had 3 YoManCoug
Y 3 travelcoug
To my yewts friends - it’s not the end of the world - we also lost to a bad team and recovered with 2 good wins 3 Cougs1
I’m here. Hit me with your best shot 2 Solomon Levi
The greatest obituary ever made 2 trento322
Surprised to see so much Yewtah talk. Today, I couldn't care less. Go Cougs! 2 BringYourUltimate
And I want to sincerely thank Huntley for renaming Pootah for us and 2 IceBlue
Update: My league requires trades to be approved by vote and the trade was vetoed! I didn’t get stuck with AB! And the 2 sgriff
Chaz Ah You 1 Level43
Love this comment from an article in the Athletic this morning. 1 TempeCoug
Utes, the 1st game on your schedule that actually matters and you go and do that 1 Icecat
Best Part of Utah/USC Game 1 YeahWhatever
1280 guys remind me of Rachel Maddow on election night. Great entertainment! 1 Soupie
Considering a fair amount of analysts said “the better team won” when we played 1 Robbinoburrito
De La Salle concord, ca 1 tippmancoug
GAME DAY MOOD!! 💪 #TogetherWeRise #BeatWashington 1 @byuROC
My annual, "BYU needs to control seats that are brought into the stadium" post 1 CSoul
SDSU is decent. Not great. They are 3-0, but those are wins against 1 LiveCoug
Byu=Rock USC=Scissors Utah=Paper 1 CougarTailDevourer
Think about all the dreams one Ute has though: the dream of owning 1 oxcoug
I hope he gets his life straight and is happy and healthy 1 Fifty Shades of Blue
Wish people would wake up and realize this is accurate. It has been decided by 1 seacougar
Colorado 1 ataylor
Wiscy just got hosed. Wow. Bad slide and bad call 1 DKN
666 1 TANK
I'd rather beat them than try to find glory off of someone else's deeds. 1 foofcoug
Gnashing of tooth, not teeth 1 Carnac