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Post of the Day Today, January 19th
Nominated Posts Author
Article: Dayan Ghanwoloku Strips Football, Recovers Fumble In NFLPA Collegiate Bowl 5 [KSL Sports]
A Mormon coach leading an NFL team from Missouri to a SB! 4 Cougar86
I want KC to win the superbowl 3 Borg
[Sigh] Jefe, can we get a “Babylon Bee” category so we can ignore it? 3 Costanza
I assume this means we are all Chiefs fans now? Should we petition Jefe to 3 LiveCoug
BYU player will get a ring no matter what. Awesome. 3 shimmy
New Curb tonight! 3 STL
I love this basketball team and coach Pope and last night increased my 2 SouthernBlueBlood
I think it's almost impossible to dislike Andy Reid. 2 eddog
Who is the leader tackler in the playoffs for both teams going to the SuperBowl? 2 BYUforlife
Anyone but 49ers 2 HONOMO
Aaannnnd....... 1 Zaphod
Donovan McNabb happy for Reid 1 OU Cougar
I have no rooting interest in SF vs GB but I just realized a Rodgers-Mahomes 1 Martin Van Nostrand
Byu fans from 2009 onwards 1 Deleted
Relevant post 1 monkeycowboy
I offer my services to be the studio head of the next Star Wars triology. Here is my plan: 1 shimmy
POLL: Who wins the Superbowl? 1 -C9-
Go Chiefs! (please) 1 rotorhead
I do it all the time no problem 1 Odysseus
“Well, it’s obvious you’re just a Ute fan troll cause everything is awesome with BYU football!” - many on CB 1 Zach Morris
TNT would have preferred Saints - Chiefs 1 TNT
LET'S GO NINERS!!!! 1 Kerbouchard
RE: What should unite people of integrity and good taste behind the 49ers is 1 monkeycowboy
KC Chiefs! All the way! 1 JohnnyC
Most posts here are stupid. 1 maxpowers