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Post of the Day Today, August 24th
Nominated Posts Author
It’s me! Double sided sign, no flags allowed. Go Cougs! 46 Cougblau
This trailer is ready for game day 10 LifelongAP
Corso is an idiot. It’s laughable that ESPN gives him an outlet to make his crazy predictions 4 DieHarder
To all the BYU fan doubters: Pull up your big girl panties and grow a pair 3 CObluezone
That's right. People who work at Home Depot are such losers. This idea that 3 Corsica
There’s no dispute, 5 in a row will end for the Utes 2 Solomon Levi
BYU FB fan bus to Provo from Eastern Idaho! Amazing deal! 2 Rigbycougar
The last time Utah got this much coverage in connection with Gameday: 2 Gustav
Ha. A Utah fan saying someone is being derogatory 2 YIsForBrigham
Shout out to whoever is reppin'the Y sign at College GameDay! 2 Boomcannon
If Jesus was on the earth today they'd shun him for being a hippie with no job. 2 LiquidUte
The term "yewt" is a black eye on our fanbase; not theirs 2 MaxxPower
the best way to fix the TSA is to eliminate it. Now that the cockpit doors are locked there is no reason for it. We get 2 HarlemCoug
BYU has broken the BYU fanbase 2 billyrust
So apparently the term yewt is derogatory to native Americans 1 Adrielle
Analysis of the Wheels Falling Off in the 4th Quarter of 2018 BYU vs Utah 1 byusage
Lol...kiss of death yewta. Corso picks bama over yewta for the championship 1 Mathew
I think Utah will be a good team. No doubt about that. But I really, really 1 itsuptoyou
A couple more positives for Barcello 1 PJMort
More like Happy Anniversary of the Pigskin Classic (8/24/96) 1 rainorsnow
Make way for BYU deserves a place on that Mt Rushmore 1 Medute
Only broken fans I see are guys like you. 1 Turnpike Lane
Don't be a wimp. If you truly liked the game of football you'd watch 1 Lip Gallagher
1 1 puntersarepeople