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Post of the Day Today, August 20th
Nominated Posts Author
RE: POLL: How many more losses does Royal have to cause before you will admit it 12 ataylor
15:27 "Mahe is out of gas". Very prescient of Todd there. 5 swingcat
Is homeless defecating a problem? 4 grapevine
The @NCAA continuing to “prioritize the interests of student-athletes over every other factor.” #freeyoeli 3 @boneyfuller
Good. Let them finish the work so they can go enjoy their life 3 HansMoleman
I would love to have BYU beat Utah and for them to miss the playoff... 3 cougarmeister
How beautiful it would be if... 2 Lolo
Article: Years After Leaving BYU, Eric Mika Gets His NBA Opportunity 2 [KSL Sports]
Are you in a marching band by chance? 2 Zedhead
Bbq sauce is for people who can't season and cook meat right 2 The Machine
I hate the Utes as much as anybody... 1 Captain Insano
New vertical banners are up at LES... 1 Michael McQuain
POLL: Who’s the best Quarterback/Runningback combo in BYU history? 1 Dynasty1
Awww, Utah fans feel bad for our QB and the unrealistic expectations we as fans 1 westsidecoug
How do you get cut as a kick returner before you get back to the sideline? 1 Six Foot Seven
RE: How beautiful it would be if... 1 Tokolosh
If THill ever starts and wins a Superbowl... This is every BYU fan 1 Borg
If you're jonesing for some Coug football: #15 ASU at BYU in 1998 is a fun 1 oxcoug
Trout with line drive HR 1 Indy Coug
Great idea: If someone wants a handicap parking pass for being obese, the parking pass should be a separate color 1 DKN
they are too "conservative" and anti taxation. the hard conservative bloc in UT 1 runnincoug
Chick-Fil-A sauce is overrated. 1 LaVellIfIKnow
BYU vs Utah in royal vs navy — all-time numbers and past 50/40/30/20/10 years 1 ataylor
Any book recommendations for fathers of infants or young children? 1 Tuskaloosa Cougar
The Sacramento Kings have signed former @BYUbasketball forward Eric Mika to a contract. The terms of the deal have yet to be released. 📸: @adavis22_ /The Daily Universe 1 @DUsportsdesk
RE: Wait... Are you pushing Royal because you want us to lose? 1 ataylor
RE: This baby blocked me. Someone tell him his own fans think Clemson players 1 BlueFrog
School is not in session yet. That is a huge factor. Many not even in town yet. 1 Cougarbib
They need to get rid of all of them. 16-team playoff, 16-team invitational. 1 ataylor
Why did you let the swans take your scooter? 1 mtnbiker
I heard a stat last week: Dodger stadium is the most attended sporting venue in 1 Fallball
Keep the soccer references to yourselves. I can feel the testosterone disappear 1 RealSimsShadY