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Post of the Day Today, April 6th
Nominated Posts Author
(16) Cosmo vs (1) Duke is now live. Vote here and blow this thing up! 5 andrewg3
Another great article from the guy who wrote the Science 2.0 on risk management 4 CSoul
They are going to play The Masters in mid November! 4 OG Coug
Germany announcing plan for unwinding lockdown 2 CommodoreCoug
This excuse is so tired. That is not why these models are off. 2 CSoul
"The precautionary principle is not a risk management tool – it is simply uncertainty management. " 2 Indy Coug
Creighton catching up. Please vote 1 Yiowa
Masks 1 boogers
Utah doing very well so far in getting people tested and people not dying 1 LifelongAP
Did worldometer used to show graphs per state? 1 Northwest Cougar
Masters planning to hold tournament in November. 1 fredetteaboutit13
There real value for many masks is just to keep you from touching your face I think. 1 Grit for Brains
Do you think normal life is about profit? No, it is about life! 1 Busiturtle