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Post of the Day Today, October 14th
Nominated Posts Author
The new narrative I see on Twitter: The church is the reason BYU is losing 10 CapCougar
Come coach at BYU! 10 Ham
Everyone trying to fix admin/BoT problems are missing the mark. 6 Ham
Disappointed Kalani didn't pull a Bronco and fire Tuiaki. 3 rad dawg
an observation 3 Richw
The more I learn about Jay Hill the more I like him as a candidate for next head coach 2 Odysseus
CB Hallucinations that won't stop 2 WJCougar
Here is the new strategy Tuiaki should adopt 2 Baron
Video: 3rd and 1. BYU LBs sitting on their heels! 2 [Hans Olsen]
That’s exactly where we were at with Bronco, and he left in large part because 2 Junior Deputy
Two articles (KSL and Daily Herald) using the phrase "keyboard warriors"... 1 Mrs Featerbottom
I think the reason fans are more upset with the D is because at least the 1 kotacoug
Ilaisa Tuiaki on Coordinators' Corner said that the biggest issue against USF was that #BYU got out coached. #KSLsports 1 @Mitch_Harper
To be fair, Kalani and A-Rod were two of the least successful Whit disciples 1 BigT801
BYU could learn a lot by evaluating Oklahoma State's OC hires. 1 dYrtbYkerYder
No, its not dumb. Its necessary 1 Old Hickory
RE: Tuiaki said on coordinators Corner that they were able to get that last stop 1 MikeDitka'sStache
Spot on - tired of the excuses 1 Qhall
Hopefully the next time he gifts us a wonderful turnover 1 cougarmanguy
Jay Hill will listen... 1 Vernon Dozier
Only if we finish with a 7-5 record or better 1 Doogal McCougar
when you get out coached by charlie strong, you have major issues. 1 smr
Using one of the for profit arms of the church to help fund BYU athletics 1 RockyBalboa
We have a Non-attack/Reactionary D philosophy. It sucks and it's boring!! 1 CObluezone
That's actually not the definition of insanity. At all. 1 Superkid
Inconsistency and undisciplined are Kalani trademarks 1 Jericho