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Report Abuse / Rule Violation

Use of the Report Abuse feature to "prove a point", annoy the mods, or anything else other than to alert the mods to posts that you believe should be deleted will result in a penalty.

In addition, please understand that the moderators collectively read somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-15% of the total posts on the board. Whining about how we haven't already deleted something (that we probably didn't see) is a sure way to annoy us.

You are reporting a rule violation for the following message by @BYUfootball:
COUGAR CANYON: BYU VS USC 📍 Canyon Road 🗓 Saturday (Sep 14) ️⌚️ 10-1pm MDT 🏈 BYU vs #24 USC (1:30pm) 🎤 Patrick & The LVB (10-1pm) 🐾 Cougar Walk at 11:10am 🏆 Trophy Photo op (11:30-12:30pm) 🥤 BYU Concessions 👕 @byustore #BYUFOOTBALL #GoCougs

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