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These rules apply to the message board, the chat room, BoardMail, and any other messaging or communication function of this website. This includes board features such as Post of the Day, thumbs up/down, etc.

  • Stay positive and be supportive. This site is meant to promote BYU Athletics. How do I stay positive?
  • Do not use profanity. What is considered profanity?
  • Do not engage in personal attacks. What is considered a personal attack?
  • You may not post copyrighted articles, such as articles or other content from other sources. You may post relatively short quotes from articles if you post the link to that article. Also, you will receive a penalty for suggesting, asking for, or providing information about how to (a) break copyright law (including unofficial internet rebroadcasts of games), or (b) violate the terms of service of any site or product.
  • Posts must be categorized correctly. Mis-categorized posts will be subject to deletion and penalty. If your reply to a post belongs in a different category than the original post, you should start a related thread using the "Reply" dropdown menu. The Politics, Religion/Morality, SSA/LGBTQ, and Marriage/Relationships categories are restricted to donors only. If you do not have access to a category, you may not post about that topic. See additional clarification on proper categorization.
  • Any topic of a religious/moral nature has additional restrictions, regardless of the appropriate category. What religious discussions are allowed?
  • You are not allowed to advertise for any other site or product without permission from El Jefe. If you have any questions about whether something is considered advertising, contact El Jefe. Exception: the "Tickets For Sale" category allows private ticket sales.
  • You may not post from multiple accounts. If you already have an account on CougarBoard.com, you may NOT set up another account. If you are having trouble posting with your current account, please contact us. By setting up another account, you will forfeit your right to change your username in the future, and you will receive a minimum 2-week penalty. Find out why multiple accounts aren't allowed, or change your current username
  • Obscene, pornographic, or other questionable content is not allowed. What is considered "questionable"?
  • Gambling-related discussions should be limited to the line, and other related items such as over/under. Betting, discussing where to bet, etc are not allowed.
  • You may not (generally) discuss the moderators or their enforcement of the rules on the board. About the moderators and rules.
  • You may not discuss deleted posts. If a post has been deleted, it was deleted for a reason. Discussing deleted posts generally leads to posting of the very thing that got the original thread deleted. If you have a question, bring it up directly with the moderators. Asking about deleted posts on the board is an automatic one-day penalty.
  • You should not respond to inappropriate posts. What is considered an "inappropriate post", and why shouldn't I respond to them?
  • A link to a web page about a topic is generally considered the same as posting about the topic directly.
  • Be civil and respectful to others. Generally, don't go out of your way to be annoying. Examples of things considered disrespectful
  • Chat is restricted to sports-related discussions. Religious, political, and other non-sports discussions must take place on the main board.
  • Please post in English only. The moderators for this board can only consistently moderate in English and will delete any posts that are in any language other than English. Exceptions may be made for words in other languages that are commonly known to English-speakers.
  • You understand the Privacy Policy and agree to follow the Terms of Use of this website.
CougarBoard reserves the right to add or change these rules at any time without notice.