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Feb 22, 2012 - 1:03pm
LaVell vs Bronco
In response to an earlier thread (, I decided to compare LaVell's first 7 yrs as head coach to Bronco's first 7 yrs. Here are the results.


52-26-1 (0.584) W/L/T
1 ranked team
3 bowls
0-3 bowl record
1 Sammy Baugh trophy winner


66-24 (0.733) W/L
5 ranked teams
7 bowls
5-2 bowl record
0 national trophy winners

Dunno, but Bronco seems to be doing ok in my book. I'd say he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Disagree ?
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2/22/12 1:03pm
2/22/12 1:13pm

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