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Nov 6, 2012 - 7:20am
My story about #6 Luke Staley
I'm a girl and I played football this year. I usually play soccer and I thought it would be fun to try to play football.

My dad showed me videos of Luke Staley before the season and he said Luke Staley was really fast and I wanted to pick a fast number so I picked #6 too. My coach is a BYU fan and I told him I picked #6 like Luke Staley.

We didn't know it but Luke Staley was a coach of a team we played. My coach told him that I was a BYU fan picked #6 like him. He got my address and sent me a letter with his football playing cards. We played his team again in the playoffs and I got to meet him after the game. I was really excited to meet him and he was really nice. His team won.

My dad is a BYU fan and said I should let BYU fans know how nice Luke Staley was to me so he helped me do this.

Here's my football video:

What do you think about my story? I have to go to school in one hour.



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That's awesome! (short)
Nov 6, 7:21am
+1 (nm)
Nov 8, 8:42am
Very cool. (nm)
Nov 6, 7:22am
Nominated! (nm)
Nov 6, 7:22am
Nov 6, 7:24am
Nov 6, 7:30am
+6 (nm)
Nov 6, 7:33am
Very Cool (nm)
Nov 6, 7:35am
Nov 6, 7:38am
POTD! (nm)
Nov 6, 7:40am
POTY! (nm)
Nov 6, 7:46am
Nov 6, 8:35am
Nov 6, 8:42am
Nov 6, 8:44am
Nov 6, 8:47am
Awesome!!! (nm)
Nov 6, 11:17am
Nov 6, 12:35pm
Nov 6, 1:10pm
Awesome (nm)
Nov 6, 2:06pm
Nov 6, 2:50pm
Nov 6, 3:01pm
Wow! (nm)
Nov 6, 10:56pm
Nov 7, 12:19am
Great story. (short)
Nov 7, 5:25am
cool (nm)
Nov 7, 5:45am
Nov 7, 9:30am
Nov 7, 5:16pm
Nov 8, 4:27pm

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