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Jan 8, 2013 - 2:20:48pm
Interesting Stats on Robert Anae:
Anae's record against good teams:


Loss - TCU - he put up 7 pts
Loss - Utah - 24
Loss - Arizona - 21


Win - Oklahoma - 14 pts
Loss - Fl St - 28 (while FSU put up 54)
Loss - TCU - 7 pts
Win - Utah 23 pts


Loss - FSU - 10 pts
Loss - Nevada - 13 pts
Loss - Utah St - 16 pts
Loss - TCU - 3 pts
Loss - Utah - 16 pts

So, since 2008, against good teams, Anae is 2-10 with his one "great" win coming against an Oklahoma team that lost their QB in the game. His teams scored an average of 15 pts a game.

Is he really going to take BYU anywhere? It looks like he is a more organized Doman, meaning that he beats the bad teams, loses to the good teams. The difference? Anae looks like he has a plan, while Doman is just throwing stuff out there.

I don't like this hire for BYU. I think it is too "safe". I think they upgraded from a "F" OC to a "B-" OC. They could have taken a chance on another person and at least had potential to be better. It's almost like BYU just wants to finish with 9-10 wins every year, and Anae is the guy to do it. They are like the Jazz. Just be good enough to get people to talk about you, don't ever shoot for the top.
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