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Premium Benefits

Those who subscribe to CougarBoard Premium will receive the following benefits for the duration of their subscription:

  • You will not see any third-party banner ads
  • Friends limit will be increased to 100
  • User-specific follow options
  • Site will be HTTPS (secure connection)
  • You can see who has you ignored
  • When you post a new thread, it will have your larger icon and your board rating
  • You can customize your board rating
  • You can upload images with your posts
  • You can temporarily bookmark posts for later viewing
  • The HTML Editor will allow you to edit images (crop, rotate, and more)
  • Posts will be auto-saved, and allowed to be restored if something happens to your browser window
Other benefits will be available in the future.

Failure to abide by the Rules and Terms of Use of this site may result in a loss of some or all subscription and/or lifetime benefits for a period of time. No refunds will be given.

Before subscribing, you will need to sign up or log in.

Lifetime Benefits

Those who upgrade to CougarBoard Premium will be given "donor" status for the lifetime of their account. Those with "donor" status will always have some benefits not available to those who have never subscribed or donated. The specific benefits may change over time, as site features change. Current benefits available to those with "donor" status are:

  • Name will appear bolded in message listings
  • Optional custom icon next to name in listings
  • Optional signature that will appear below your messages
  • Access to Live Chat with other donors
  • Ability to change color of message text, and name in listings
  • Post just to your friends (limit of 80 friends)
  • Put information on your bio page
  • Mark posts as "Favorites", for later perusal