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Subscription Benefits

You can post on CougarBoard for free, but there are some great subscription benefits you'd be missing out on!

Free Basic Premium Insider
Post in non-restricted categories
Ignore posters you don't want to see
RSVP for events
Vote in polls
Use your own time zone
Customize font size
Username in bold in message lists
Access to “restricted categories”
(Politics, religion, etc)
Custom icon next to username
Optional signature below posts
Custom username and text color
“Friends-only” posts (up to 80 friends)
System notifications
Mark posts as “Favorites”
No third-party banner ads
Friends limit increased to 100
Subject length limit increased to 120
Access to premium subscriber groups
User-specific follow options
See who has ignored you
Larger icon for new threads
Customizable board rating (tagline)
Upload images with posts
Crop and rotate images
Bookmark posts for later viewing
Post auto-save and restore
Keep permanent notes about other users
Show FO/group threads for ignored categories
Ability to switch to dark mode
Weekly Q&A with Y's Guys Podcast
Cost Free! $9.95/
month *
month *

* When paid annually

** You will be notified when you log on CougarBoard shortly before your subscription renews, and will have the option to cancel auto-renewal at any time. Auto-renewals will occur 24-48 hours before the end of your subscription. CougarBoard does NOT store your sensitive credit card information; we use Stripe as our payment processor, and they store auto-renewal information.

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