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Report problem with ads

If the ad has an AdChoice link in the top right (often just a blue triangle and an X), please use the X to report the ad. That will report it directly to Google, and it will contain all of the information they need to block the ad. If the ad has the AdChoice triangle, but not the X, please report it using the AdWords Ad Feedback Form.

Examples of ads that violate CougarBoard ad policy, and should be reported:
  • Ads that are suggestive or sexual in nature
  • Ads that sell products such as tobacco, alcohol, etc.
  • Ads that promote gambling in any way
  • Ads that are overly annoying, such as ads with audio, popups, popunders, popovers, expanders, etc.
  • Ads that are deceptive in nature

You don't have to actually click on the ad, just right click (or long press) and copy the link address/URL, then paste that here.

Please include a screenshot if possible (instructions for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS )