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Personal space

Married. RM. Father of 4. Go to BYU football practices often. Wanted to be a "professional" church apologist, maybe even for FAIR. After feeling called to set the record straight and defend the church and my faith I acted as an online unofficial apologist which led to my going through a difficult but ultimately enlightening multi-year belief re-evaluation.

I'm a Cultural Latter-day Saint now in that I live a very LDS lifestyle in keeping the WoW, LoC, attend church, love family life, etc. (Although I do support gay marriage now. ...Some trans issues I'm not as down with.) Basically, I'm a closeted unbeliever now. I finally was able to be honest with my wife, parents, siblings, and few close friends (not my kids, ward, or other family/friends though) about my change in beliefs after years of being too scared to.

My wife is a definite believer. My family church ties go back to the 1840's. Latter-day Saints are my people. I still lean right politically. Still Pro-life. I feel most at home around Latter-day Saints. BYU sports helps me and my loves ones keep a great commonality.

I'd say I'm a Provisional Naturalist now. I'm still open to Agnostic Theism though. I'd be fine discussing what that would take or look like, if any of you would so desire.

I believe Jesus existed historically in some form and have a sacramental/metaphorical belief in a resurrected Jesus, not a literal one. Meaning, I think he was 100% human and 0% supernatural, just like every person who has ever lived. And that in actual reality he (or at least his body) is still dead and that much of what was said and written about him after his death and what we say and write about him now is legend. The NT Gospels were written years after the fact by anonymous non-eyewitness authors and then later scribes attached the names Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Just as the US flag represents to me freedom, etc, Jesus, for me, is a conceptualized representation of the "perfect person".

I love learning and thinking about history, biology, morality, ethics, comparative religions, myths, evolution (of many things), consciousness, abiogenesis, philosophy, psychology, street epistemology, what spirituality and revelation actually are, sociology, anthropology, cosmology, evidentiary belief systems, faith, skepticism, archeology, the scientific method, geology, thoughts on God in general, reason and logic, secularism, etc.

I especially love learning about the origins of the OT, NT, BM, BA, church history, etc. Learning about who and when the NT was written was eye-opening. Studying the evidence of the BM being written in the 1800's and comparing it to the evidence of it being written from 600 BC to 421 AD was also eye-opening.

Orthopraxy over religious orthodoxy, dogma, creedals, etc.

Wish I could participate in CB's religion/morality, lgbtq, marriage/family, honor code, categories.:)

If any of you know or figure out who I am, please keep this information to yourself. I deserve to come out to people on my own time or not at all. (Just like a convert deserves the right to not speak if he or she doesn't feel comfortable about letting certain people know that they've joined the LDS church.)