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Oct 9, 2019
macdizzle All-American
(Random) I re-watched the 4th Q + OT of the Patriots/Falcons Super Bowl.
It's the craziest game in NFL history IMHO. Also, that may be the best 20+ minutes of QB play in NFL history given the stakes and the stage and the situation.

- The Comeback: - Starts with Falcons score to go up 28-3.
- Cool NFL Films video:
- Brady Highlights:

With 2:07 left in 3rd Q the score was 28-3. NE scored to take it to 28-9. NE missed the Extra Point.

Pats then didn't get an onside kick. Falcons get it at NE 41. 3 and Out. Falcons punt.

NE kicks a FG - 28-12 (9:44 left)

Then NE strip sacks Ryan. Pats score + 2. (5:56 left) to take score to 28-20.

Then one of the most inexplicable drives in NFL history...the Falcons get the insane catch from Julio to take the ball to the 22. They could have kneeled the ball and kicked a FG and won, or ran 3 straight times and kicked a FG and won. Instead they passed. Ryan got sacked. Took them to the border of FG range (53 yarder). Then Falcons O-line holds. That moved them out of FG range.

On that holding call...Pats blitzed on that play. They had IDed in film study earlier in the week that this O-lineman would often hold with certain types of blitzing stunts. NE worked with the Dline on this scenario. Practiced the stunt and then selling the hold. If he doesn't hold, Falcons are within FG range. But he did, and so they punt.

Pats get the ball. Edelman makes the catch that should have been picked, where it bounces around as they're all diving for it. Brady makes some insane throws. Pats score. Win the toss.

Then in OT Brady makes three of the best throws I've ever seen in a football game. Two straight lasers 35 yards on a line on sideline out patterns to Edelman and Hogan.

In 4thQ and OT Brady was 22-28 - 78.57%, 246 yards

Brady did the same thing in the Seahawks Super Bowl too.
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