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Jan 13, 2020
PJMort All-American
While we are talking about the Basketball coaches...
First- This is not a bash on Rose or what he accomplished. I am a big Rose fan and I am so glad he was our coach.

Now- Here are a few things that have been great developments with the current team/staff.

1.-- Development of the Big Man. Kolby Lee has developed SO MUCH in his overall game. He has learned to keep the ball high and not bring it down. He now is ready to receive the dish passes from the guards and he knows where to be so they can dish him the ball. (no more looking shocked as the ball flies past him with his hands at his waist). Without changing his shot, he is now shooting the way and in the spots that yield the highest percentages for him. (How he makes that half hook shot without using the backboard I will never know, but he is really good at it). --I can't wait to see what this staff can do with Gavin Baxter. I also wonder what they could have done with the talents of Dastrup.

2. Defensive switching and rotations. This team switches on defense and rotates assignments really well. There are far fewer wide open shots and uncontested layups by the opponents. BYU does not have great size in middle, but we have good length almost everywhere else. Guys like Toolson, Haws, Harding are all using their size to make up for a lack of super quickness. It has been fun to watch. BTW, Alex Barcello is also a big help in this area. The guy is really good at staying in front of his man.

3. Shot selection. Generally this team knows where and when to take shots. The "hero ball" has been greatly limited. When it happens, the coaches are generally on the spot telling the guys to run the offense and get the ball moving. The shooting percentages have risen, IMO, due to a combination of great shot selection and because Jake Toolson has been the backstop when shots aren't falling. He always seems to be able to hit an open 3 when nobody else is. Thank you Jake!

4. Finally, grit and perseverance. This team does not seem to ever quit or give up in a game. There have been numerous moments where I've thought, uh oh, that shot by the opponent was the one that will break the will of our team- only to see BYU come right back and hit a big shot, or get a big play and get right back into the game. I am still surprised when it happens. The team doesn't seem to be surprised at all. This is a direct reflection on the coaches and also the senior leadership on the team.
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