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Jan 13, 2020
SpecialKC Starter
I’m happy for the CFP. Back in bcs, it woulda been a dumb Ohio state/Clemson/LSU
Debate. Now it was settled on the field even though I think OSU was better than Clemson. Not sure what happened but oh well I hate OSU so not mad about it.

Now my take most people hate but I’ll repeat cuz it seems fitting with tonight’s physical play.

Should we expand more than 4 teams? No. The best team is in the 4 every year and no reason to Potentially hurt these kids who are getting ready to make millions. These games are a lot more intense than a normal game and lots of big hits happened tonight. Even thought I love more football and sure an 8-16 team playoff would be more fun, I think you got to take into the health and future of some of the players.
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