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Jan 14, 2020
Coug-Ida Contributor
You’re missing the point
Nobody is saying that if you EVER rush 3 and drop 8 that you made a wrong play call. But there’s a big difference between “occasionally” only rushing 3 versus doing it the majority of the time, openly admitting ahead of time that that is what you are going to do, and very seldom trying to disguise it.

It’s also not accurate that those 3 teams did it “a lot of the time“. They did it occasionally, mixing it up, trying to disguise their coverages and where and how many were rushing. And still, Burrow completed over 90%.

And I agree, we do not have near the talent to apply pressure or in the secondary as those other teams, but we also have not faced a QB as good as Burrow. I think the comparison is very similar, just at a lower talent level on both sides of the ball.

One more thing... I realize others have, but I have never called Tuiaki a moron. I have not ripped him, called names, suggested he be fired, etc. I’m pointing out that his rush 3 drop 8 the majority of the time (with very little disguise or variation) seldom works consistently on any level.
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