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Feb 13, 2020
_Dakoko Walk-on
When I was a teenager my family was vacationing in Hawaii.
The condo we rented had a golf cart, so my dad and I would whip it around when we weren’t hitting the beach.

One night, we decided to take a late night trip to ABC store and pick up some Spam Musubi and Imperial Snack Mix. Yum. Anyways, we started driving home. I was driving, my dad in the passenger seat of the golf cart. There was a T intersection, just a pull out of a hotel parking lot, and we were driving on the pedestrian cross walk. Incoming traffic pulling out of the hotel had a stop sign, so we had right of way.

I’m just minding my business, probably day dreaming about this Spam Musubi, as I’m driving across the cross walk. I notice this truck incoming at the t intersection. Looks like it’s not stopping. But surely it will stop at the stop sign, right? Nope. BAM! We get T boned in a golf cart. Almost flip the cart. Thankfully I (weighed less than my dad) was driving or else the cart might have flipped.

We compose ourselves and are like what the heck just happened? Well long story short the lady that hit us had a long night of drinking and ended up being charged with a DUI. Thankfully she was only going about 10-12 MPH or so. Or else we could have been seriously injured/killed. Still remember making eye contact with the woman driving right before she hit us, but she was too drunk to to recognize what was about to happen. Scary.

My dad and I chuckle about this story to the day, just the randomness of getting hit by a drunk driver while driving a golf cart. Thankfully the Lord was watching over us. Drunk driving is no joke.
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