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Feb 19, 2020
chazen All-American
There were never two former cougs more deserving of our support and fanhood than
Andy Reid and Jamaal Williams.

These are true cougars.

Andy Reid has been criticized over the years for having former BYU players on his rosters that others said were undeserving of it. The criticisms mostly came during his time in Philly and I'm sure you older folks remember that. He has been loyal to BYU and its players for so long.

Jamaal Williams is constantly sporting BYU garb and posting about us on social media. I have never seen more support for BYU from any other cougar that has played in the NFL. Although other cougars have had more success there, you pretty much never see them sporting BYU gear during interviews or even mentioning the school. JW is a true cougar.

So happy for Reid and I hope Williams gets to truly shine one day.
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