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Oct 17, 2020
donnerstag Truly Addicted User
Some game thoughts
1) This team is resilient. Being down 12 in the 3rd quarter, many of the past teams couldn't have overcome that on the road on a short week of prep. Scoring 29 unanswered at the end of the game is one of the all-time great finishes.
2) Props to Coach Grimes for being gutsy enough to go for the TD on the last Milne TD. BYU was playing to win and I'd rather take chances with Zach Wilson than to trust the defense with only a 6 point lead.
3) Props to the coach who made the onside kick call. The coaches must have seen that opportunity in the game preparation. That was one of the easiest onside kick recoveries I can remember. Even though BYU didn't score on that drive, it helped a lot with momentum and getting Houston out of rhythm.
4) This is historic elite QB play for BYU, which is saying something given the team's history of QB play. I don't know if Zach will stay after this season, but it's a joy to watch Zach lead this offense in 2020.
5) Dax Milne is really breaking out and becoming a star receiver. An argument can be made that BYU has two #1 receivers this season. The timing couldn't be better with the rise of Zach.
6) The defensive adjustments in the 4th quarter were unexpected and a huge reason to be optimistic about the team's chances to go unbeaten.
7) Chris Wilcox has quietly become an excellent corner. He was flying under the radar, because teams weren't throwing his way earlier in the season. The athletic Houston receivers weren't running past him.

The BYU-Boise State game is going to be BYU biggest game in a very long time assuming both teams take care of business until then. The NY6 talk will heat up dramatically if BYU wins that game.
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