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Oct 22, 2020
fierce16 All-American
Truly AMAZING interview with Coach Grimes
Came across this interview with Coach Jeff Grimes from a few weeks ago (and I apologise if this has already been posted - but for those of us who haven't seen it, it's worth re-sharing).

It's a very authentic, vulnerable, candid and inspiring interview that details how coach Grimes got into coaching, why he is growing a mullet 😅👍, what it felt like to lose his job with no future prospects while at Auburn, how making a personal difference in the life of one of his players has greater impact than winning a national championship championship, the list goes on.

Its about 40 minutes long, but worth listening to. I almost think BYU should send this out as their recruiting video - don't think any parent listening wouldn't want their son playing for Coach Grimes.
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