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Oct 23, 2020
IceWaterExtraIce Contributor
Some TXST message board comments...
(This is in response to a BYU fan)

'Also, welcome; but I do have a question. Through the years I've heard that the BYU football team always has players that are several years older than the usual college age team because of players returning from mission work. Is this true? Does this have an impact?'


We're in year 6 of an on-going Rebuild; and while playing better football than last, we still don't have all the pieces in place to hang with the team y'all are putting on the field this season.

So, I'll just Congratulate y'all on your upcoming victory.'

Welcome BoozinCougFan
If ya'll like shooting fish in a barrel than your playing the right team .....BYU will not have much of a challenge from us this year and our high powered Pop Warner offense. Our "Maroon Curtain" defense has more holes than the Iraqi navy so ya'll might set some school/individual records in running and passing. Just stop our run game (easily done) and force our new phenom QB to pass the football. Don't even worry about being outsmarted by our coaching staff, in fact to make it a fair game your assistant coaches should have to rotate being the head coach.

I think we’ll be the ones who need the beer during the game, but welcome to the board!]

(About the TXST team)

It is a broken wheel. No end in sight to this cycle. Need to apply Roundup to program, pause for two years and reestablish as FBS and see where it goes from there. Pumping sunshine into a garbage can only makes it smell worse.
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