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Oct 23, 2020
Zach Morris “Be great, cause it’s good
Feature/Premium subscriber request.
At the end of the year, Jefe runs a report of the total amount of smileys + thumbs up + POTDS - thumbs down - eye rolls that a poster received during the year. (Sad faces are neutral)

From there, the total number gives you that amount in Jefe bucks to be used at the CB store where you may exchange them for one of Criddle’s BYU gear accessories... preferably my personal favorite — the “anytime, anywhere” t-shirt to be purchased for our wives and or girlfriends as a show of gratitude for allowing us to spend so much time on Jefe’s online playground.

If a poster accumulates a certain amount of Jefe bucks, it could then be used to purchase a day with TNT. This would be like the ultimate CBer rite of passage and or pilgrimage experience where pearls of wisdom and the most desired secrets to life would be divulged by TNT.

All in favor?
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