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Nov 30, 2020
jessedwilliams All-American
ESPN SP+resume ranking put BYU at No. 2

"Anything you can say about the strength of BYU's schedule is probably correct. The Cougars have played one current SP+ top-50 team and have No. 45 SDSU on deck on Dec. 12. It's an awful slate. But (a) it's not their fault they've played an awful slate (their schedule disintegrated in August, and they had to scrounge for opponents), and (b) SP+ suggests that if an overall top-five team has played against this schedule, it wouldn't have fared any better than BYU has.

The Cougars are now seventh overall in SP+ and second in Résumé SP+. They have proven everything they possibly could against their schedule, and it's appalling that the committee, which continues to meet in person and discuss these rankings for hours, couldn't come up with an opinion more rigorous than they "ain't played nobody." Because six P5 teams canceled on BYU in August, the committee ranked the Cougars an astounding 14th — I thought the absolute floor was 13th — and decided they probably shouldn't even earn a spot in an NY6 bowl.

It's 2020. There are lots of good algorithms out there and lots of ways to judge teams in more rigorous ways than "ain't played nobody." But in its first ranking, the committee seemingly chose not to use them."
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