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Apr 21, 2021
oxcoug Intervention Needed
What is it that's so satisfying abt seeing the Super League crash and burn into
the ash heap of terrible ideas?

I suspect a few things - one is the tangible aspect of some fat cats with no organic connection to the historic game, taking something traditional and treasured and trying to create another untouchable cartel - and then getting absolutely piled on by fans become wild dogs and torn apart.

But while English and European soccer fans were rabid in their takedown, I think there's a special animosity that college football fans looking in on the P5 have to this sort of garbage - relegation is a beautiful system. And we all know that Rutgers, Wake Forest, 'Cuse, Duke and others occasionally deserve to be relegated.

This little conglomeration of American mega-money, oil magnates and oligarchs tried to take something that is precious and seal it off from the fans and they just got beaten into oblivion for it and humiliated and it's lovely.

I bet there are some good GIFs for this sort of thing.
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